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I am so happy to announce the 12 Days of Yumi Kim holiday campaign I'm participating in with other fabulous bloggers! Kim Phan (a fellow fashion blogger herself) is a designer based in New York City who created the Yumi Kim brand (named after Kim herself and her cute Yorkshire terrier, Yumi) with a dream to have her own fashion line. If you haven't seen her clothes yet, definitely check it out...


{WHAT I WORE} floral top c/o Yumi Kim (HERE) :: Zara jeans :: H&M jacket :: Luichiny heels c/o CLD PR :: Downtown Style hat :: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag
For this season, Yumi Kim is featuring 12 different holiday looks from 12 different stylish bloggers. Here I am wearing the YK "Amanda top" with a floral print. First off, I have to say that the material is incredible - it's so lightweight and almost has a silky feel to it (love that!). To make the floral print stand out I paired it with a matching colored hat because, c'mon, I like adding color to my life. Why be boring when you can have fun, right? I threw on some textured pants with a bright yellow bag because it has been shown that yellow puts people in a cheerful mood. So wear bright colors and make someone else smile. 'Tis the season for happy memories!


Guess what else? You can get this "Amanda top" that I'm wearing for 1/2 off TODAY ONLY with the code: YKDAY9 at So hurry and grab it before it's gone. Enjoy and happy shopping!


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