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Oh man, it's been a couple crazy busy days! It's the last week of finals for my last fall semester of grad school and I've been booked back-to-back with events. Throw on the birthday celebrations and holiday parties, it's one of the busiest years yet. No lie. I literally pulled an all-nighter Thursday. Worked on Friday, then went to my little sister's RN graduation (congrats to my poopoobear!), finished my 10 page paper (due by midnight), and made it on time to catch the party bus that very night. Talk about making the impossible, possible right? Now I just have one more paper to finish and then I can finally be on winter break...

In the mean time, enjoy this mini preview of my next outfit post for this week's Tuesday Trend. I know, it's been awhile, so can't wait to finally share the full look with you. Hope you're having a great start to the week and enjoying these last few days of 2013! 

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