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I don't know about you but the weather here in SoCal is ridiculous. It's practically the end of January and we still haven't really had a "winter" yet. What's to complain about right? Well, I have tons of boots in my shoe closet that still wants to go out and play that's what! So for now I have to opt for my ankle boots and light layers to get through this winter heat...


{Wearing} Redux Ritual floral kimono from Lobby at the Lab :: white lace dress c/o Charlotte Russe :: Carlos Santana studded ankle boots from DSW (old) ::
gifted Nordstrom teal bracelet :: DIY Kendra Scott ring :: Papers & Peonies claw bracelet

Every outfit starts with one item that leads to the next piece, then the jacket, then the shoes. Well, in this case, it was this vibrant Redux Ritual floral kimono (Lobby at the Lab) that caught my eye on this particular day. Since it already had such a bold print, I stuck with a neutrals for the rest of the look: a white dress from Charlotte Russe and cream Carlos Santana studded boots from DSW. This flowing outfit is perfect for a brunch date or running errands before heading out for dinner. It has that girly vibe with a masculine western twist. Yup, totally me.

{FASHION TIP: Adding studs to any style will toughen up the look. Try it and be a little edgier today.}


  1. That kimono is amazing on you! Love the color and frills!

  2. Love the floral prints! <3 gorgeous lady!

    Make sure to check out my blog, I do a combination of health, animals, and fashion weekly!


  3. Wore my new dress at a wedding and received a lot of compliments for it. Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl they say :-). It fits perfectly and looks good on me.
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