OUTFIT :: What to Wear to a Fashion Event


Whether it's New York Fashion Week or LA Fashion Week, it seems like more and more fashion events are popping up everywhere, doesn't it? What's a girl to wear with so many festivities to go to right? Well, no worries, I teamed up with my fellow blogger/fab photographer Lisa from Lisa Linh Photography to shoot a couple looks for her What to Wear series {HERE} and had so much fun! Keep on clicking to check out snapshots from our photo shoot...

{WEARING} top/blazer/skirt/heels c/o Charlotte Russe :: Phillip Lim x Target collab handbag :: gifted Henri Bendel bracelet :: Gypsy Junkies 3-finger heart ring

Fashion events are about standing out but in your own comfort style. And that's exactly what this outfit is all about. My go-to color is always black so I wore a tribal print double side slit skirt to add some pattern and colored accessories because, c'mon, you know I like to sneak a little color into my wardrobe. Fun fact: my whole wardrobe (top/jacket/skirt/heels) are all from Charlotte Russe - yup, that's right! They have so many cute stuff there at affordable prices and sales going on all the time. One of my new fave spots to go to go for trendy items that doesn't have to cost a fortune.

FYI these lovely photos were taken in a beautiful garden in Pasadena and I absolutely LOVE how they all turned out. Lisa is such a sweet person and an amazing photographer (as you can see). She's great at capturing those special moments and little details. Hop on over to her blog, By Lisa Linh, to see more of her talented work. You can also schedule a photo session with her HERE.

Have a good week everyone! I'm still in Asia - follow my Instagram (@kimberly_luu) for the latest updates and pics on where I'm at. ;)



  1. great outfit. I agree, going to fashion events = showing off your own style and feeling comfortable. =) That's the best thing about such a creative environment. Love your shoes!



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