FEATURE :: Derby Days with KTLA


Last Friday I woke up super early for a KTLA 5 tv segment with hilarious news reporter Allie Mac Kay. Our call time was at 5am so that meant sleep was going to be sacrificed but it was worth it. We all met up at the fancy Los Angeles Athletic Club in LA where the filming and action took place. Since this past weekend was the actual Kentucky Derby, we got to be a part of their special KTLA 5 fashion segment showcasing Derby style featuring local Los Angeles designers from the Los Angeles Fashion Council...

{WEARING} Bri Seeley dress (similar HERE) :: Bijou Van Ness hat :: gifted Steve Madden heels from the bf :: cuff c/o Robyn Rhodes (HERE)
Let me just say, I got to wear a beautiful ombre blue dress (from Bri Seeley) and a flower hat (from Bijou Van Ness) for this KTLA 5 tv segment and I was in love. The dress, the hat, everything was just perfect. This special Derby style segment was filled with playful hats, matching short suits, and printed ties. It was all about the accessories here and going above and beyond like the saying goes, "dress to impress." After we finished shooting the KLTA 5 Kentucky Derby Viewing Party fashion segment (HERE), we all gathered around and tried the organic cotton candy brand Bon Puf and our eyes immediately lit up (can you spy the adorable creator Cloe in the background?). Talk about fresh amazingness twirling in your mouth - wow! Totally got to get some more next time. All in all, this was such a great morning (thanks Kelsi for the opportunity!). We had so much fun dressing up and I seriously felt like we could have all been at the Hamptons in an episode of Gossip Girl - but the bloggers edition!
Oh you know you love us. XoXo, Gossip Girl.

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  1. LOOOOOVE THIS!!!!! yaaaaay, what a fun and EARLY morning :)

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves

  2. congrats! looks like it was fun. :) you all look cute. xo


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