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I know, it's still crazy to believe but I actually did just turn 30 and totally feel great about it...

{WEARING} glasses c/o ZeroUV

As this new chapter begins (tons of birthday celebration posts to come), I can't help but to reflect on my 20s and how to make this decade even better. Wait, what - even better than the 20s? Yes, that's right. You don't really want to repeat the past right? Yeah, I didn't think so. The 30s is your time to shine so let's do it!

Here are my tips for 5 Changes for the 30s to keep in mind:
1. Stop dealing with BS - seriously, stop dealing with it. If there are some people who are always making excuses for their actions or you know they like to gossip a lot - beware! What they say behind their friends back, they may probably be saying something similar about you. Learn who's honest and faithful and cut strings with those who still play games. No friendship is worth living a lie.
2. Live in the moment - it's so easy to get distracted aka being on social media (and I'm so guilty of this too) but really take the time to put your phone down and look around. Enjoy what's going on because that moment won't come back.
3. You can't please everyone - this one can be hard but not everyone will like you (even how awesome you are, there will always be someone who doesn't) and once you learn to accep that, life will be so much better.
4. Stay connected with those most important - we all have busy lives, I get it but every now and then reconnect with the important people in your lives. Grab some lunch, send a text message hello, or meet up for happy hour. Everyone needs to eat and it's also a great way to catch up. Time just passes by too fast otherwise.
5. There is no such thing as a perfect plan - if you really know me then you'd know that I can be a perfectionist at time but I've (finally) learned that nothing ever goes perfectly as planned. Something will always pop up. Did I ever think I was going to go and get a Master's degree? No way! Yet here I am on a new journey. So the real plan is to learn how to adapt to random changes and still have a good time enjoying life with loved ones.

FYI I recently took a mental quiz and it said that I have the mind of a 60 year old. So there you have it. Wise words from someone older. ;)

Alright, now go live your life!

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