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Hidden in the OC is Hylunia Wellness MD Spa, a place to escape reality and get a glimpse of Bali...

A couple weeks ago, Mary from The Recessionista invited me and other fellow bloggers to a local event at Hylunia Wellness MD Spa in Costa Mesa. From the start we were greeted with big smiles and treated to some delicious bites (the hummus was amazing, by the way, and so was the wine). I thought we were going to get a tour of the place but, to my surprise, we were given a full-on spa experience. Say what?!? It was definitely a nice surprise and I couldn't complain about that. Not to mention how peaceful it felt being there surrounded with all the beautiful Bali decor (I so want to go there one day).

So what is the Hylunia Wellness MD Spa experience? Well, let me tell you! To relieve stress, you first enjoy some tranquil music and tropical images that takes you on a mental vacation off to Bali. Then your massage therapist takes you to your private therapy suite where you do a smell test to see which therapeutic scent attracts you most. Mine was the pitta scent which usually draws in passionate, visual personalities. Fun fact: all the Hylunia Wellness MD Spa products are toxin free, gluten free, cruelty free, preservative free, and paraban free which makes it a safe and natural skin care line (also great for vegans!). I got a mixture of a deep tissue and Swedish massage for an hour which I really enjoyed and totally needed so it was a plus. What made me like this place even more was that they also focused on aligning your chakras (7 energy points in your body) using aromatherapy scents with a holistic approach. I really loved this part as I've been fascinated about aligning chakras for years now so this was pretty cool! It really helps to be more at ease and relaxed (at least to me). Everything was just perfect and all us bloggers came out with a big happy smile feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed. I mean, what girl doesn't like to be pampered right? This was probably one of my favorite events this year and will surely be coming back soon for another spa treatment. They even have facials and yoga here! How awesome is that?

***Big thanks to Mary from The Recessionista and Hylunia Wellness MD Spa for an incredible experience!

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Hylunia Wellness MD Spa
1901 Newport Blvd, Suite #180
Costa Mesa, CA
Tel: (949) 313-7760

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