FOOD :: Newport Beach's 1st Annual Wine and Food Festival


Last month I had the awesome privilege to check out Newport Beach's 1st Annual Wine and Food Festival and it did not disappoint (pre-warning: get ready of tons of delicious, mouth-watering pictures)...

Let me just say first that we were in food and wine heaven. My friend (and photographer for the day) Angela accompanied me to the Newport Beach Civic Center where this lavish festivity was held at. This was a great spot and beautiful venue to feature this grand event. There were aisles of food, sweets, and wineries just waiting for you to come by and sample a bit of their delicious offerings. Where does one start right?!? With our eager eyes and hungry tummies, we went down each row one by one and sampled things to our hearts desire. Taste buds explosion constantly went off as each place offered something unique. There were so many incredible restaurants and wineries (full list HERE) and it was a tough choice but below are my favorites from the event!
My Favorite Award goes to:
SAVORY - brie cheese & pear sandwich bites with chick pea soup
SWEET - cinnamon toast mini cupcake from B Candy
WINE - Garneau merlot Napa wine
This was the very first Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival and it was an experience unlike any other. I'm so glad I went as it was one of my top favorite event of the year! Yes, it was that good! So stay tuned and keep an eye for their next one because this is one of those events you definitely don't want to miss.
Come hungry, leave happy.
***BIG THANKS to Lindsey and the Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival team for having me!

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{Photos by Angela Truong}


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