OUTFIT :: Crashing Blue Waves + Joico WINNER


 Brunch dates and beach views are two of my favorite things in the OC...

Just the other week I went on a fun brunch date with the boyfriend in Newport Beach and we stumbled across this amazing mural outside. The crashing blue waves totally caught my eye and we couldn't resist a photo op. Usually I dress a little more feminine and girly but I decided to go more casual this time. The boyfriend's tank top inspired this look so I "borrowed" it and wore it with ripped jeans, his plaid shirt, a C4 belt, and a Dynamic Asia cap. Of course, I couldn't say no to adding chunky heels to this look! It just went so perfectly together without even having to think about it. Anyways, my C4 Belts giveaway (HERE) is still going on so be sure to enter win one for yourself and help spread the word on their #Care4Boobies campaign - it's for a good cause and tomorrow's the last day to enter!

{FASHION TIP: Spice up a casual outfit by tossing on some heels, it can really make a big difference!} 
Moving along, it's time to announce the winner of the Joico x Bella Pilar limited edition piece - 2 piece pink set (HERE)...congrats to Melissa V.! I'll be emailing you for shipping info so keep an eye out for it. Thanks everyone for entering and watch for a new giveaway coming your way!


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{WEARING} Electric tank/Volcom plaid shirt/Electric sunglasses (borrowed from the bf) :: H&M rings :: Dynamic Asia cap (similar HERE) :: C4 belt c/o Maile PR (HERE) :: Charlotte Russe heels ::
"pinkie" iPhone case purse c/o Toola ($60 HERE)

C4Belts pink belt & #Care4Boobies campaign (valued at $29.99) HERE. (ends 10/22/2014)
Boohoo's festival outfit look: top + skirt (valued at $34) HERE. (ends 11/05/2014).


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