FANCY FRIDAY :: Black and White Wedding Attire


Whenever I'm trying to pick something last minute to wear, I always go with black...

A couple weeks ago I went to my last wedding for the year with the boyfriend. This has been quite a year filled with so many weddings so it's nice to be finally done! I've definitely enjoyed growing my gown collection and this black and white one (it's actually more cream/ivory in person) has been in my closet since last year. It was one of those "what was lost is now found" kind of moment where then it becomes new again. I really liked the play with hems on this dress and wanted it to stand out by itself so I kept jewelry to a minimum. Everything pretty much stayed neutral and to make it a little more glamorous, I added a bold red lip. This simple and sophisticated look is great for weddings, galas, and even work events. So grab your favorite LBD (little black dress) or LWD (little white dress) and throw on a red pout. Voila!

{FASHION TIP: A bold red lip is all you need to give your black/white outfit a little bit of pop!}

I'm off to LA for meetings. Follow my adventures on Instagram (@kimberly_luu). Have a great Friday!

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{WEARING} Macy's dress :: Sam Edelman heels :: House of Harlow 1960 necklace


  1. Ahhh, You look gorgeous! I love everything about this dress. Especially the side pieces! And the red pout and curls are great accessories btw!



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