Hudson Jeans S/S15 Preview Event, Sunset Tower Hotel


Last week I went up to LA to check out Hudson Jeans S/S15 collection and, boy, you are in for a treat...

The preview event took place at the lovely Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood with its own private room.

There were delicious refreshments from LA Juice Shop. This one was called "Red Carpet" with beets, tangerine, and apples - so good!

A rack full of this season it jeans for Hudson Jeans holiday collection made my eyes light up. Cool prints, sparkle, and zipper edges? Sign me up!

Moving onto the rack filled with Hudson Jeans S/S15 collection, I immediately went to the ripped jeans. I'm loving all their blue hues, cuts, and extra detailing for next season! These items aren't released until end of December 2014 but I did get to try on three of their F/W jeans below.

First off is the Ava skinny jeans in black: these are your perfect black pair of jeans to wear every day. They can be dressed up or down. What makes it different than other black denim is their side trim detailing (kind of hard to see) that adds a little extra oomph to your look.

Second up is the Midrise Nico super skinny jeans: these slipped on like magic - seriously. I absolutely fell in love with them as I was wearing them. Can that really happen? Apparently so. They are ultra soft and you just glide right into them. Plus I'm more into midrise cuts and this teal color is unique for this holiday season. Perfect to wear to house parties and casual dinners.

The third and last pair I tried on was the Krista super skinny denim: another black pair but this time it was a ripped version. It's so hard to find black ripped jeans, isn't it? Well Hudson Jeans has you covered cause these ripped up pair also has a bit of sparkle in them too. It's feminine and edgy in one!

Is this what they mean by racks on racks? Cause I would sure love this at home! 

Decisions, decision right? Can you guess which pair I ended up going home with? I'll be doing an outfit post with them soon and will share it on the bloggie!

***THANKS Andia and Hudson Jeans for a fun preview event!

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