FASHION :: Top 5 Trends from Style Week OC 2014 at Irvine Spectrum


It's finally starting to feel like fall in Southern California and a good time to look at all the fabulous trends for this season from Style Week OC...

This event was held at the Irvine Spectrum Center and it hosted by none-other-than Nick Verreos (who is such a funny host, I must say)! The show kicked off with Nick Verreos and his partner David Paul's gorgeous "Nikolai" couture gown collection (seen HERE). Followed by a fashion show featured clothes from local stores at Irvine Spectrum such as White House Black Market, Francesca's Collection, Bebe, Windsor, Nordstrom, and more. Below are my top 5 trends I spotted for this fall/winter/holiday season.

[TREND #1: SOCKS] Remember this? Well, it's coming back so save your cute socks and don't be afraid to bring 'em out again.

{FASHION TIP: With the sock trend, less is more so choose more neutral/basic colors and give it just a peep.}

[TREND #2: LEOPARD] For some reason, whenever this season comes around, leopard prints can be spotted everywhere. In tops, jackets, scarves, and accessories. The leopard always make a fierce comeback! 

[TREND #3: REFLECTIVE SHIMMER] Whether it's all over a jumpsuit or on a top, the reflective shimmer fabric is a great piece to have that'll brighten up any outfit. Perfect for day to night looks.

[TREND #4: BLUSH TONES] One of my favorite colors during the holidays is the soft blush hue. It's so feminine and romantic and compliments any women. LOVE!

[TREND #5: SEQUINS] You know when it's the holiday season, there is never enough sequins. I repeat, n-e-v-e-r enough sequins. Sequins top, sequins skirt, sequins cardy. Sequins everything if you want. I love the glitz and glamour of it and say, go for it!

Every year, Style Week OC has a design competition and this time it was with Celebrity Cruises. The FIDM students had to create looks inspired by Celebrity Cruises travel destinations: Carribeans, Alaska, Galapagos Island, and Europe. As a former design student myself, I love supporting other fellow designers and seeing all their amazing work. Congrats to the winner Leetal Platt for her Galapagos Island creation (far left)!

For this event, I decided last minute to go with a bold red tulle skirt and pink faux fur jacket since it was going to be outdoors. Added on some matching bold red lips and *BAM* was ready to go!

Was another fun night out in the OC with my fellow blogger gals Erin, Amanda, and Donna. Until next year!



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