The Crooked Duck, Long Beach


The boyfriend and I recently discovered a delicious new brunch place that you totally have to try...

Not too far from OC or LA is The Crooked Duck in Long Beach that offers a casual neighborhood atmosphere.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily out here but we really wanted to try their brunch dishes - especially the Monte Cristo!

Their glazed banana nut muffin looked like it was going to be too decadent at first but after we each had our first bite, our eyes lit up and we were amazed. It was superbly scrumptious and I could have it again, like right now. Seriously, I'm so tempted to go there for another muffin - it was that good! 

Seen here: biscuits & gravy (total Southern comfort food), bloody Mary (not too strong or spicy tasting which I liked), Crooked Duck mango mimosa (smooth and yummy, the mango flavored gave it a different twist to the usual mimosas I've had), and the Monte Cristo (crispy with the perfect sweet and salty combination - tasted just like the ones from Disneyland!).

We also got to try the Crooked Duck cappuccino which was rich in flavor. It was pretty cool to see them create this latte art with just a toothpick!

Great hospitality, food that hit the spot, and drinks to quench your thirst. What more could you ask for right? This might have been our first time at The Crooked Duck but it won't be our last. More muffins please!

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The Crooked Duck
5096 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90804
Tel: (562) 494-5118.

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