A Blissful Moment for Valentine's Day [Part 3]


 Aside from the color red, pink is next popular color for my Valentine's Day series (HERE)...

It's quite funny actually. I'm not too crazy about the color pink because people tend to automatically refer it to being girly and the tomboy in me likes to fight that assumption. Yet somehow my feminine side wins the battle more often than not since I've noticed that I do end up wearing or choosing things in pink. Oh wells. You win some, you lose some right?

Anyways, here I am wearing a super adorable pink Bliss Tulle skirt that just bumps up any occasion to make you feel like a Pretty Pretty Princess. Remember that childhood game? It was one of my faves! I love how effortless wearing a tulle skirt can be and this little lace number is definitely going to be a closet staple. Let's just say I'm pre-warning you that it will be making multiple appearances on the bloggie. PLUS, it perfectly matched my pink sparkling bracelet I designed last year for breast cancer awareness. Got to love that! ;)

{FASHION TIP: Pair tulle skirts with basic fitted tops to keep it proportionate.}

Have a great weekend celebrating Valentine's Day! I'm going on a mini trip with the boyfriend to LA (catch my exploration on Instagram @kimberly_luu). Enjoy enjoy everyone!

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{WEARING} Lily White top c/o my friend Tanya :: skirt c/o Bliss Tulle ($130, similar HERE) :: heels c/o Bakers :: iPhone case c/o Toola ($60 HERE) :: Kimberly Luu bracelet designed by yours truly ($34.99 HERE)

P.S. I could not help but to smile & laugh in most of these pictures - that's what making a tulle skirt does to you!

P.P.S. This is the tulle skirt outfit I wore to the Social Tea Soiree I hosted with other fashionistas (HERE).

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