Checkered Printed Work Wear


A twist on changing up the way you dress for the office...

Forget those boring suits you used to wear. The work environment is changing and becoming more fashionable. You can look stylish and professional at the same time. Like these Missguided checkered pants, for example. They are made of thick material and can pretty much match with anything in your work wear closet. It's such a statement pants piece and I am loving it. Something else I'm loving? These Firmoo burgundy glasses, oh my! The round shape design flatters most face shapes and you can also customize it to have your prescription too. Score! I'm blind so this addition was a plus. Now who said office style can't be chic?

{FASHION TIP: Pointy heels are an office staple and says you mean serious business.}

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{WEARING} Uniqlo top c/o TPOLA :: Missguided trousers c/o Think PR ($47.50 HERE) :: Charlotte Russe heels :: glasses c/o Firmoo ($46 HERE, 50% off for new customers HERE) :: rings from Lili Claspe/Serene Sky/
Glam Boutique/Miranda Fry :: bracelets from Serene Sky/Julz Junkie Jewelry

{Photos By Lisa Linh}


  1. All the accessories... i want them!

    - Violet


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