Transitioning into Spring with Lush Clothing


Spring has sprung and that means it's time for a wardrobe change...

Remember those skirts and dresses you put aside during winter? Well now you can dust them off and take them back out. That's right! A new season calls for a new walk through with your closet as you slowly start to put away those thick, heavy coats and change them out to more lightweight fabrics. What I love about spring (besides having my birthday fall in this season, hello any other May babies out there?) is being able to wear more skirts. As much as I love dresses, skirts are my next favorite thing to wear. It tends to accentuate a women's curve and can pretty much go with any top. This is definitely another style staple of mine! What are your go-to pieces?

{FASHION TIP: Pair patterned skirts with basic tops in the same color scheme.}

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{WEARING} top/skirt c/o Lush :: nude sandals : BB Dakota jacket :: sunglasses c/o ZeroUV


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