OC Block Party at Angel's Stadium [RECAP]


Plans for barbecue, red-white-and-blue cake, and the safe and sane fireworks weren’t set in stone.  But at last minute the OC Block Party was a breezy way for my good friends, boyfriend and I to party safely and soundly. Well…except of the serpentine lines for almost 1/2 of the vendors participating in this annual event run by KTOWN Night Market.
Of the plethora of food stands, food trucks, games, kids’ activities, artists, musicians, local merchandise, and car showcases for HIN (aka Hot Import Nights for the clueless minds), 5 vendors—listed below in no particular order or rank—made my time more memorable and hopeful for another fantastic feat for 2016.

1. The Catch the Duckling Game. What I love most about this particular game was that no matter what swiftly swimming rubber ducky you caught, you’d win something. For 2 ducklings I snatched they both contained “S” for small, and 2 smalls equated to medium. But the boyfriend persisted to play more where eventually he caught 6 duckies for the biggest prize: a Ninja Penguin Plush (woohoo!).

 2. Miss Maiden. In spite of a complementary artful creation she did an amazing, thoughtful job creating colored penciled and watercolor-painted portraits for my married, expecting friends. I believe they already attached them to the wall of their baby room.

3. Lobsterdamus. Where I was waiting for, in particular, got my nose and clothes seeping in the char grilled bonanza of this hearty, delicious crustacean.  Right next to the Pick Up window was their grill, and I got to see one of the cooks literally brushing up the meat with their melted garlic butter. But for the queasy, avoid looking behind the booth—unless you’re okay being traumatized for the fresh lobster facing its fate. My 20 bucks were nonetheless well spent.

4. The Street Corn. I am oh-so-serious. Their corn had just the right amount of sweetness to be grilled up beautifully for generous amounts of mayo, hot sauces, cayenne, lemon juice, and addicting cotija cheese. Simply amazing!

5. Honey and Butter Macarons. Based off their flagship in Costa Mesa, I was ecstatic that they were invited. Their macarons shaped with animal faces proved that they were just as adorably yummy as they appeared. On top of that - I mean, in between these chewy shells - my cookie butter ice cream with sprinkles of hazelnut was delightful to make my mouth hover shamelessly all over the panda face.

Honorable Mentions include the giant Big Bang tour poster, the relevant flashing ice cubes for Main Squeeze, and free boxes of Green Tea Pocky Sticks.

Thanks for the patriotic blast, OC Block Party!

Xo, Fia

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