OC Mag's Best of 2015 Event [RECAP]


Once a year, Orange Coast Magazine hosts its "Best of" party and this one was an adventure...
This year's "Best of 2015" event took place at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas, a private resort with a zoological garden, hidden in Silverado, CA and, oh, what a beautiful venue it was! It was an Indiana Jones theme and the location was decorated to match. Selfie sticks were provided for guests to capture their adventures throughout the night. With unlimited access to food, wine, and photo opportunities, my friend Dana and I definitely took advantage to try everything. A cotton candy that lights up? Yes, we'll try that. Another glass of wine? Sure, why not. More dessert? My weakness, I can't say no. All in all, it was a grand old time and we enjoyed every moment of it!

*Thanks to Orange Coast Magazine for a fabulous night!*

{WEARING} Tart Collections "Henley" maxi c/o Infinity Creative ($176 HERE) :: "Ivette" heels c/o Charles David ($220 HERE) :: necklace c/o My Jewel Bar :: Mango crossbody :: watch c/o Daniel Wellington :: nail polish colors c/o LA Girl Cosmetics 

CHECK IT OUT: Rancho Las Lomas, 19191 Lawrence Canyon, Silverado, CA. Tel: (949) 888-3080.

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