But First, Coffee


Well, actually, tea for me. ;) Here's an oldie but goodie...

A couple months ago, Nelson and I met up in downtown LA for a fun photoshoot (other look HERE). I'm not usually on the all-neutral spectrum but if I had to create an outfit, this would be it. It's feminine, fun, and has the right amount of mystery to it - I love it! Even though I'm still obsessed with my black and brights, I'll try not to shy away from the neutral hemisphere next time.

What about you, have you tried the neutral trend?

{FASHION TIP: From the clothes, jewelry, and to the shoes - everything matters to be neutral!}

{WEARING} Foreign Exchange top (old) :: Black Swan skirt c/o Shout PR (old) :: BB Dakota jacket c/o Shout PR (old) :: heels c/o Sole Society (old) :: iPhone case c/o Toola Style


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