Project Juice, Laguna Beach


Located along the Pacific Coast Highway in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach is Project Juice...

A healthy juice bar that now offers healthy food options. Amanda and I attended Project Juice's Media Tasting event (on this busy day HERE) to try their new plant-based food menu. That's right. Everything was fresh, healthy, and pretty much raw (aka vegan approved!). Project Juice features locally sourced, certified organic, cold-pressed juices and they have now expanded their menu to include several food items, including Thai salad, lentil wrap, kelp pad Thai, superfood salad, and cashew crepes (food items range from $5.95 to $10.95). This was actually my first time tasting a raw vegan menu and it was quite interesting. For some of the dishes, you couldn't even tell. As for the smoothies, well, those were all y-u-m-m-y including the watermelon berry drinks! Okay, our watermelon berry beverages did have champagne in them but I'm pretty sure they'd still taste great without it, nonetheless. You can even add sparkling water to the juice mixture. Project Juice makes it so easy to grab a jug of the juice mixer and start making healthy alternatives to drinks at home. It really is as simple as that!

What do you usually like in your juices? Anything with beets, kale, apple, and ginger then I'll give it a try!

***THANKS to Shout PR and the Project Juice team for the delicious tasting!

{FOOD TIP: Eating raw is hard, no lie, but it's totally better for your body so start small by incorporating little snacks first then meals.}

CHECK IT OUT: Project Juice, 1100 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. See more locations HERE.

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