Halloween Bunny Lace Ears


Oh let's be real: who wouldn't want to be a bunny for Halloween?!...

C'mon. It's cute and everybody l-o-v-e-s bunnies! So, you know, I couldn't resist dressing up as one. Why not, right? My little sisteroo Susan and I always joke around that we're both bunnies so this totally reminded me of her. For this second look, I wanted to be a little more glamorous and wear something more fitting for a masquerade ball or Halloween party. After all, some people do like to get dolled up for the night and this outfit is totally it. I'm wearing AMI Clubwear's bunny ears and gloves (from their full costume HERE) with my own red cutout dress from Lulu's. To go with the bunny theme, we took pictures in a "forest-like" place to give it that lost-in-the-woods feel and I am absolutely in love with how everything turned out! It was SO much fun dressing up and now I know why everyone wants to wear those lace bunny ears. It's true, I've now jumped on that bandwagon and I don't care! Wear one and then you'll see, you'll want to join me too.

Are you going to any Halloween parties this week? Oh man, wearing something like this totally makes me want to go to a Halloween party now! Luckily I have this oh-so-fabulous blog to document moments like this so at least I have some memories. 

{FASHION TIP: From casual to dressy, these lace bunny ears spice up any costume!}

{WEARING} AMI Clubwear's "Bunny" costume c/o Red Light PR ($49.99 HERE) :: dress c/o Lulu's (old) :: heels c/o Bakers (old) :: necklace c/o Michele Marie PR

#halloween #amiclubwear #lovelulus #luluspartyperfect

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{photos by Garralei Martell}


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