Diane Von Furstenberg at SCP


A meet and greet opportunity with fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg at South Coast Plaza...

Who got to meet Diane Von Furstenberg and witness this fashion idol give personal styling tips to her customers? That's right, we did!! It is no doubt that Diane's great success yet humble personality are what make her such an admirable woman. Scrambling through her racks to find accurate sizes while waiting patiently for her customers to fit into her dresses, it is apparent that each item Diane personally designs, creates, and touches truly means the world to her. Although DVF is primarily known for running her fashion empire, we must not forget that she is also an incredible author. Diane has released her new book called "The Woman I Wanted to Be" which clearly depicts her young life, her "vision" of what it takes to become an independent woman, and the obstacles that she has had to endure while building her own major fashion brand. Diane Von Furstenberg is creative and so wise. She's real, and that is what makes her a remarkable person. Thanks to DVF as she has become such an inspiring role model for women of all ages, and it was an absolute honor to meet her. 

Which item is your favorite from DVF's collection? We're in love with her iconic wrap dress! 

{FASHION TIP: Invest in a DVF piece that you will fall in love with over and over again.}

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Xo, Tanya


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