Learn to Say No


Continuing on with my How to Juggle A Busy Life post, today is all about having balance...

It seems as we grow older, our free time gets more limited and limited. The number of birthday parties, events, dinners, and outings tend to quickly take up your social calendar before you even realize it. Then you think to yourself, where is my free time nowadays? You know what? I feel you and for 2016, it's all about having more balance in my personal-family-social-blogging life! To do that, I've learned to say no and it's okay to do so. Although you may want to attend everything (cause that was me), you can't make it to every function. Don't feel guilty about missing anything cause it's just reality and what will help you keep sane. One thing about social work that we emphasize on is self-care and that means you need to make sure you're taking care of yourself cause if you don't, who will? Just some important fun-fact-for-the-day for you! ;)

How do you like to spend your "me time"? I totally enjoy lighting a candle and watching a movie on TV or even cleaning the room. Just to have some undisturbed time is so valuable now.

{FASHION TIP: SoCal winter calls for thicker shorts with longer hemlines in velvety material!}

{WEARING} Sabo Skirt top/shorts + necklace borrowed from Mannfolk PR :: flats c/o Charles David (old) :: sunglasses c/o ZeroUV 



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