Shinobu Shabu, Westminster


How can we not turn down an invitation for shabu shabu - plus dessert - on a chilly, rainy night?...

We warmed ourselves up with this hot pot, along with some hot and amazingly smooth sake while we cheered on for being in #TheATKTeam. At Shinobu Shabu, they showcase only 2 kinds of broth: Kombu (customizable seaweed broth) and spicy miso. I picked the more aromatic latter which wowed my taste buds throughout, even in a literal sense thanks to the instantaneous kick enhanced by 2 “angelic” drops of chili oil. In spite of the scant flavors for soup, choices get more plentiful by various proteins such as pork tenderloin, shrimp, short rib, or ribeye. I picked and savored the more flexible 2-item combo towards 2 of my favorite foods: tender salmon and mouthwatering prime Angus ribeye. Equally as scrumptious as my broth was that creamy and irresistible sesame dipping sauce - more so when I added minced garlic, onions, and another 2 drops of that chili oil (heck yes, I like mine spicy hot). Finally we simmered down to one of the most interesting desserts we’ve ever eaten: the Asian funnel cake, which uses chewier udon noodles as the fried dough. To sweeten up this already tasty cake without overpowering it, it’s tempered with drizzles of honey, whipped cream, and a vanilla ice cream scoop. Bottom line: try it before this goes mainstream elsewhere! With a concluding touch of gift-unwrapping and discovering something all 3 of us have in common, Shinobu Shabu is certainly a festive gathering, regardless of group size - speaking of size, the restaurant recently expanded for more crowd-pleasing.

What meat do you recommend in shabu shabu? I prefer a richer, higher quality, and generally more flavorful slices of beef. Thus, I don’t mind paying extra for USDA prime Angus ribeye.

{FOOD TIP: the udon noodles are traditionally meant to be eaten near the end of the meal, so that the noodles can soak up that dipped, meaty goodness from the broth. Eat those as soup and it may change the way you’ve been seeing udon.}

CHECK IT OUT: Shinobu Shabu, 15226 Goldenwest St, Westminster, CA 92683, Tel (714) 891-9992

Xo, Fia

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{photos by Fia Raboy}

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