Will You Be My Valentine?


Oh hey there, will you be my Valentine?...

Remember those cute little cutout cards you used to pass out in elementary school? You know, the ones that came in a box and you'd tear them apart and write on each one to give out to all your class mates? *sigh* Those were those nice, carefree, young days. What happened to sending out Valentine's Day cards now that we're adults? Well, we've actually updated and traded in those adorable Vday cards for pretty roses and a fancy feast instead. I think, it's true: as you grow older, the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. We now have a finer palette and can enjoy the tastier things in life and it's all about finding that special someone to share that adventure with. After all, a meal tastes twice as good when you have great company around.

What are your Valentine's Day plans? I'm pretty excited that it's on a weekend this year. We'll, of course, have our traditional dinner night out to celebrate with a nice piece of rib-eye steak!

{FASHION TIP: Pink and red is the ultimate love color combo! Don't be afraid to add matching red lipstick and heels like I did here. I mean, why not?!}

{WEARING} pink lace tulle skirt c/o Bliss Tulle ($125 for similar HERE) :: red heels c/o Two Lips Shoes ($64.95 for similar HERE) :: House of Harlow 1960 gold bangle 

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{photos by Garralei Martell}



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