Matchy Matchy with Truffles


When you're unintentionally twinning...

...with your dog. Yes, that happened and we didn't plan it (LOL)! The weekends are usually a time to relax. I mean, I have to admit: I just love sleeping in on Saturdays since I wake up at 6AM for work on the weekdays (yes I know it's so, so early for me too). Lately though, my weekends have been consumed by someone else - someone special - and someone we all love: our little Truffles. Instead of sleeping in, the boyfriend and I wake up early on Saturdays to take our dog out to explore the city. It's funny because this randomly started a couple weeks ago and it's become a fun new adventure for everyone! Stay up to date on where we travel to next by following along on Snapchat (@kimberly_luu).

What do you like to do on the weekends? It's Easter weekend and I hope you all have a fun time. Happy Good Friday everyone!

{FASHION TIP: Rompers are still here to stay so bring them out for spring!}

{WEARING} Lucy Paris romper c/o Dietch PR :: sunglasses c/o Pacific Rim Eyewear :: crossbody bag c/o Coach :: Lulu's sandals :: Lydell NYC rings c/o Beach House PR


  1. OMG I love how you are twinning with you pup! So cute!

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