Dinner at Colony Wine Merchant, Anaheim


Get your wine cravings satisfied over a 4-course meal...

What goes well with wine? The purveyors from Gamble Family Vineyards, including owner Tom Gamble, can help answer this question and actually not gamble your money away! All that it requires is a visit to Colony Wine Merchants, spotted in downtown Anaheim cornered diagonally across from the Anaheim Packing House. Inside this particular house, the night’s chef Colin served 3 entrees plus a cheese platter that was interestingly last on the menu list that wholly complement with the following wines.

The Rose’ from Napa Valley (2015) was a splendid, mellow introduction to the wine store. Nothing thorny came out of this drink!

Then we cautiously guzzled on the Gamble Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc (Yountville 2014) to pair with the sensational grilled mango shrimp over bitter micro greens. The aroma of the shrimp attracted our noses radically distant from our table. Plus, its eventual tropical touch strangely boosted our fruity senses by noticing that the white wine carried hints of mango. 'Twas sweet indeed.

Next, we imbibed on the Heritage Sites Zinfandel Blend (Napa Valley 2012) alongside Colin’s Award Winning BBQ Ribs with hedonistic slaw. Characteristically smoky and sweet, the pork pieces were eaten more enjoyably with the robust, subtly berry-tasting drink that nudged me to almost completely finish my glass.

Onto the indirect main course, the rich Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley 2012)  which the purveyors decided to use its last barrel of the year to honor this dinner – tasted pleasantly at immeasurable strength, regardless if coupled with the highly comforting braised leg of lamb and velvety mashed potatoes. “Little” was definitely absent in these pairings.

Finally, the oldest wine for the night, called Paramount (Napa Valley 2007), correctly represented its namesake to collaborate with the artisan cheese plate which contained 3 appropriately aged dairy slices, ranged from steadily mild to tolerably pungent. It’s simply awesome to eat cheese for last. Plus the little bites of rich chocolate ball was the perfect amount of sweetness to complete the meal.

***Thank you Ajenda PR, Colony Wine Merchant, and the Gamble Family Vineyards team for a lively dinner in a mellow merchant.

For a first timer at this store, what should you buy? Their Zinfandel! This got me more enthused with the category of red wine.

{FOOD TIP: If you’ve been moody for seafood, white wine may help calm your emotions towards it.}

CHECK IT OUT: Colony Wine Merchants, 280 S. Lemon Street, Anaheim, CA 92805. Tel: (657) 208-1860. Open daily except Monday. Wine and dinner menus subject to change. Call for details.

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Xo, Fia

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{Most photos by Fia Raboy}


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