Wearing Multiple Hats


When one job is not enough...

In this day and age, it seems like no one has only one job anymore. More people are changing their careers, more people have increased responsibilities, and more people are hustling several jobs. Sounds like anyone you know? As a blogger, clinician, and advocate, I know I'm sure guilty of doing this! No longer are we defined by just one title. We are children. We are parents. We are siblings. We are professionals. We are entrepreneurs. We are influencers. We are game changers.  Hence, why the economy has shifted where we are learning to wear (and juggle wearing) multiple hats. And it's not a bad thing! This actually opens more doors and more opportunities. Now YOU get to be in control of your life and decide what YOU want to do. So, like Nike says, just do it. 

Are you happy with your life? It's a simple question but something to really think about. Are you happy with your life? Even though my schedule is nonstop, I'm truly thankful and appreciative for everything I have and for all the support everyone gives. Thank you all!

{LIFE TIP: No matter how busy you get, remember it's important to take time out to do self-care.}

P.S. We now carry hats at my online shop dames&damsels! Check it out and enjoy 20% off work style dresses with code "cybermonday" while it lasts. 

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{WEARING} dress c/o SheIn :: dames&damsels hat :: boots c/o Two Lips Shoes :: necklace (gifted)


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