Calling the (Lash) Shots with Maybelline


Because lashes do matter...

No, really, it does. If there's one makeup item that must always be included in your beauty routine, it's having the right mascara - I'm serious. Of course a pretty pink lip and blush cheeks are great but, girl, you should never skimp on the mascara! The right one should lift your lashes, coat them, and let them enhance your eyes. And the good brands should last all day without leaking, dripping, or spilling onto the side of your eye. Yes, that can happen. BUT with Maybelline's new Colossal Big Shot mascara, it quickly brings drama to the eyes without overpowering it and I love it! 

I only brought this mascara and their NY black eyeliner with me for my trip to Chicago and it lasted all day long without any fuss. Oh Maybelline, there you go again and did not disappoint! Just put it on and let your lashes call the shots for the day. Try it and you'll see why Maybelline continues to be my drug-store brand of choice for mascaras.

What is your favorite drug-store mascara brand?

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ATK fact: Maybelline mascaras have been my go-to drug store mascara since high school and it still is! 

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***This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own.***

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