Date Night at The Gardens Casino


Cause it's twice as nice when you get to share the experience...

The then-boyfriend (and now-fiance!) and I had the wonderful opportunity to check out The Gardens Casino, formerly what I remember it as Hawaiian Gardens Casino, which just went through a $90 million renovation. In fact, you may not even recognize it anymore. From their upscale bar lounge to their premium new restaurant, The Gardens Casino has gone through a complete makeover!

When you first walk in, you can't help but to notice the water fountain and hanging chandelier. We got to receive a tour of the newly renovated casino before dining at the center restaurant. 

And what a feast it was! They even had someone play the guitar and serenading during dinner - it was quite romantic. See below for our Top 3 Favorites from their menu featuring multicultural dishes. Cheers!

[#3] A taco trio starter set the mood for the evening with savory bites of carne asada, chicken, and fish. SO GOOD.

[#2] You cannot never go wrong when ordering Thai beef salad. The sweet and sour flavors mix well together to keep the meal light and refreshing.

[#1] The lobster fried rice everyone needs to try - STAT. Like, seriously. The generous amounts of lobster combined with the pineapple fried rice creates a perfect seafood combination (and making me crave some more writing about it!).

After dinner, we had a one-on-one instructional poker lesson and this was a very close hand! I totally thought I won but...he did. In the end though (the very next round), I surprisingly had the ultimate winning hand so we - maybe more me - ended the night on a good note. So if you're looking for a new place for date night, come on out to see the new Gardens Casino in person for some fun, dinner, and drinks! ;)

Have you gone to The Gardens Casino yet? If not, this weekend is their Grand Opening to check out their Lunar New Year celebration with performers and fashion shows featuring local Vietnamese designers. Get tickets here.

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{TRAVEL} 11871 E. Carson St., Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716. Tel: 562-860-5887

***THANKS to Bolt PR and The Gardens Casino team for the delicious dining experience!

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