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Prep your tastebuds now...

Been savoring so many tasty dishes lately to make it into my #ATK5Faves post and I'm so excited to share it with you! It's been quite an eventful couple weeks (hence the lack of posts) but I am trying to rest up and prepare for our big out-of-country at the end of the month and catch up on posts as well (so thank you for your patience).

{FASHION} As a special ode to International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th, Ever Pretty’s plethora of dresses were spread out to pick one that exudes the biggest confidence within the influencers attending the event. The first and only choices amazingly fit both ATK teamsters and accentuated their individual body shapes in a loving manner that a photo shoot was immediately called for. Thanks to Bolt PR for having us and kudos to CEO Anna Sui and every designer involved with Ever Pretty! #foreverpretty

{BEAUTY} What my bathroom corner currently looks like. Trying out several beauty products and here are some current favorites: Vintner's Daughter botanical serum, Biossance serum, Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, and It Cosmetics foundation compact.

{DINE} A couple of hours after the Ever Pretty event (above), this intimate Sushi Roku dinner wowed the table, both scrumptiously and visually. One plate especially displayed 2 gold flake-sprinkled sweet shrimp heads creepily looking upward that their antennae and one of the limbs literally moved with just a fine touch from a chopstick – startling all of the hungry attendees. Other impressive items consisted of a regally refreshing lychee Imperial cocktail and a chocolate dome ensconcing a scoop of berry-piled ice cream. Big thank you to Victoria from Moxxe PR for gathering us famished females during #internationalwomensday! #sushiroku

CHECK IT OUT: Sushi Roku, 327 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

{TRAVEL} This past weekend I took a 1-nighter trip with my little sisters Katherine and Susan to Big Bear. With our 3 busy working schedules, it was nice to have a quick getaway of just us to catch up, reminisce, and slumber it out! #sisteroos #LuuTravels

{LIFE} Sometimes all you need is a girls night, cocktails, and laughter. Pictured here is Sushi Roku's chocolate dome cake dessert from the dine recap above. Be sure to have your Snapchat/Stories ready to capture it in action.

Until next time!

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***Top photo, fashion recap, and dine recap provided by #TheATKTeam's Fia Raboy.


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