Living on Your Own Time


It's about time...

There are days when it feels like your calendar is filled up to the max and this week was definitely one of them (hence my delay of posts until now). At first I felt really bad. I mean, really bad. This is my blog and I like to post updates and share things throughout the week so when I don't I can get hard on myself...but then I let it go.

Cause you know why? It's happens. You can't plan every day of every week to the very minute (unless you are just incredible like that then kudos to you) but if you're like me, you leave room for the unexpected. What was planned to be a 2 hour dinner earlier this week ended up being a 4+ hours dinner. What was planned to be a 3 hours fashion event ended up being 5 hours by the time I came home. So, I've learned that you have to start living on your own time.

As great as it is to schedule everything out (and trust me, I LOVE scheduling things), you have to leave room for flexibility because it's during those times where you may create those close friendships and memories where time doesn't put a limit on how long it should last.

Alright, I'm off to a quick getaway with my sisteroos today! Find out where on Instagram and Snapchat (@kimberly_luu). Have a great weekend everyone and remember to set your clocks forward an hour tomorrow (for daylight savings time)!

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  1. Love this Kimberly, it's so true to just let it go and live on your own time. I tend to feel guilty and be really hard on myself when I'm behind or unable to post as much.


    1. We all feel this sometimes but it's nice to have a friendly reminder. ;) You are accomplishing so much and proud to see you reaching your goals Serein! Xo, Kimberly

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