Last Minute Coachella Packing Tips


So who's going to Coachella this weekend?...

Whether this is your first time or you've already gone multiple times before, here are a few tips for last minute packing before heading out to the desert.

[#1: Bring a hat and bandana] It's going to be hot and sunny so you're going to want to shield yourself from the roaring heat. And the bandana is going to be your breathing survival tool! It gets super dusty with sand blowing everywhere as people are constantly moving around so a bandana really can be your (breathing) life saver. Trust! This really helped us out a lot.
TIP: Wear sunscreen daily and reapply, if possible. The last thing you want is to be sunburned.

[#2: Pack comfortable shoes] Oh sure, wearing cute wedges and heels sounds nice but, in reality, you want to wear something you can last in ALL DAY. Cause you really can be out here for long hours from morning to night. And let's not forget the what-feels-like-a-mile-long-hike just to get from the parking lot to the entrance (if you don't have the VIP pass for a shortcut). OMG it was such torture!
TIP: Opt for closed-toe shoes because, again, it can get really dirty out there and your feet will be black if you wear sandals. 

[#3: Pack light] You can save so much room and time if you plan out what you're doing to wear each day at the festival. This includes your entire outfit from clothing to accessories to shoes!
TIP: Not sure exactly what your outfits are going to be? Pack neutral shades that can easily mix and match.

Bring on a positive attitude and fun vibes and you are good to go! You can also find more helpful festival packing tips here. Have a blast out there and be safe in the desert my Coachella babes!

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