Pure Relaxation at Zianna Wellness Spa


A girls spa day is sometimes just what you need...

With all our busy schedules nowadays, we seldom take time to relax. It always feels like we're in rush mode. Like we have to get so many things done in such little time. Anyone else feeling this too? So, we couldn't resist trying a new place for a girls spa day!

Located in the city of Anaheim is a cute little spa place that you may not recognize at first, since it's in a shopping plaza, but don't let that fool you! Cause Zianna Wellness Spa is the ultimate spa experience. Once we entered the facility, we were kindly greeted by a host who provided us with mimosas, snacks, as well as bathrobes to change into while they prepared our rooms. Talk about getting pampered from the start! 

Tanya received the pure relaxation massage and Kimberly got the deep tissue massages and, oh boy! We couldn't stop raving how wonderful our full body massages were as we both couldn't stop smiling after feeling so refreshed. Our therapists, Emerald and Guy, did a fantastic job at targeting areas that needed concentration and we came out feeling 100% relaxed after our sessions. I think we both fell asleep at one point too - and you know when that happens then you've totally hit relaxation mode.

To top it off, they surprised us with chocolates and strawberries afterwards! How sweet is that? As busy as we get, we have to take more time to slow down for a bit and spoil ourselves with a spa day and Zianna Wellness Spa sure knows how to do that!

Xo, Tanya + Kimberly

CHECK IT OUT: Zianna Wellness Spa, 5585 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd., Anaheim, CA 92807. Tel: (714) 921-3785

***Spa services were provided by Zianna Wellness Spa; however, opinions expressed are of our own.


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