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As of June 9th, we've officially made it official...

That's right! Last week, on our 16th year dating anniversary, the then-fiance and I went to the court house to get our marriage license. With this service, you also have the option to have a marriage ceremony. I really wanted to commemorate our special sweet sixteen anniversary day by getting married on it too (our actual wedding reception isn't until Spring 2018 but I just couldn't wait that long!). It just made it feel extra special

When the day started, I felt like it was going to be a casual day where we would go to the courthouse, sign paperwork, say our "I do's", and done! Boyyyy, was I in for a surprise. We had about 20+ friends come out (plus my 2 sisteroos!) and the alter decor with all the flowers was quite beautiful. I was truly impressed! Our officiant Sandra was so kind and sweet (totally recommend her!). She asked if we wanted to say any vows and this was a first. We didn't come in thinking of any but we decide to share some personal words to each other anyways - sometimes being spontaneous is half the fun, right? It was quite an emotional experience and I was shocked how much it hit me at that moment as I shed a couple tears of joy.

Afterwards, our friends brought us a small mini cake to cut outside - how freaken cute are they to think of that?? Thanks Tracy and Lan*chop!! Then we took a bunch of photos with everyone before heading out to dim sum to celebrate where there were more surprises in store. The manager ended up sending out house special lobster noodles (one of the traditional dishes at a Vietnamese multi-course wedding) to both of our tables - WOW thanks Eddie!! On top of that, we were going to pay for the bill as a thank you for everyone who came out to share our special day with us but our close friends Frank and Erika treated us out and beat us to it - thank you guys! OMG, seriously so much kindness that day.

Then we headed to the middle sisteroo's house in Huntington Beach where we had our "first dance" in her living room before more celebration festivities at Pacific City. This day was more than I ever imagined it would be and what made it more meaningful is that we got to do it our way with the people we cherish so much. Thanks to everyone for making this one of the most happy-butterflies-in-my-stomach kind of day! Currently on cloud 9 and so excited for our spring wedding next year with more family and friends.

Happy 1 week of marriage to the Mister! We've closed one chapter and now starting a new one - a BIG, serious one. Even though it can be a little scary (#adulting), I can't wait for more adventures together and eating more good food with you! <3

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{WEARING} Nordstrom Rack dress :: Betsy Johnson heels (gifted from Mr. T) :: veil (borrowed from Tracy)

CHECK IT OUT:  Old Orange County Court House, 211 W, Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92701. Tel: 714-973-6605. How to get a Court Marriage License details can be found here.

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{most photos by Susan Luu}

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