Taking a Pause


Plans change, things don't go the way you want, life just happens...

If anyone knows me then they know that I live by my planner and tend to write e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g down - who else is with me on this? It's a great tool I like to use to keep me organized and on track (for the most part, I try). During these past few months, things shifted and goals were redirected. It doesn't necessarily mean it was planned that way but it's just the way it turned out. And from my experience - most of the time - things don't always go exactly as planned.

When this occurs, you can either adapt to the changes or run away from them.

Since my to-do list was growing extra long with working full time, blogging, managing an online shop, planning a wedding (and so on, and so on), I started to lose sleep and realized I had to make a choice. It was a moment my body was telling me what my limits were and to start prioritizing. What do I need to get done right away and what can wait? Really looking back at my lists of tasks and carefully analyzing them, I had to break it down into what was most urgent (cause they all seem urgent right?) and to work on those first. Some of you may have noticed but I kind of took a pause from things including blogging and social media to cleanse my soul and be able to refresh myself.

Now I'm starting to feel back in the groove of things and excited for what's to come (I have some BIG NEWS to share soon!). Hope you're all having a great summer and thank you for sharing my journey!

Have you taken a pause for yourself lately? 

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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