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Every year it seems like the Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder to step back and see how much we have to appreciate in our lives. With all our busy schedules, sometimes this may just slip past our minds without even realizing it. So now we have the opportunity to take a second (or minute or two) to give thanks to those who mean so much to us.

It's also a time to celebrate with loved ones. Whether you are a family (and close friends count!) of two or 20, just the fact that people make time out of their day to gather together is something to be grateful for. Because, if you think about it, that person wanted to spend the holidays with you cause you are special them.

Not only that, it's a time of reflection. How has 2017 been treating you? Where there ups & downs? Wins & losses? Things may happen to us that we don't expect to happen but sometimes during those tough moments, we learn more about ourselves. It may end up changing us and shaping us into the person we need to be. So let's give thanks for those that have been in our lives, those who are still in our life, and those who we'll meet in the future. Because of them, they've made us the strong, determined, passionate person we are today.

What are 3 things you're grateful for?

For me, it's my family, friends, and the love of my life. It's important to surround yourself with good people and I'm lucky to have the best with me. Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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