A Plant Lady's Wedding at the Carondelet House


If you have a green thumb and engaged, this post may bring some inspiration...

Just the other weekend the Mister and I attended a rustic wedding at an Italian Villa known as the Carondelet House. This place was built around the 1920's and the exposed brick walls with high beam ceilings will surely catch your eyes! Plus, it's conveniently located right in downtown Los Angeles.

The tablescape was lined with leaves and potted plants were used as centerpieces. It was different and unique cause instead of table numbers, they used plant names (like English thyme, mint, and cilantro) to designate guest seating. How creative is that?!

There were also glowing candles and small potted plants (like cacti and succulents) placed throughout the centers of the tables to create a dreamy vibe. Most of the weddings I've gone to have been quite traditional so this was a nice surprise to experience something different.  

All the details totally describes this bride who enjoys growing a garden in her backyard - a true plant lady indeed. BIG CONGRATS Suzie on getting married!! We are so happy for you and your new adventures in life together with Anthony as Mr. & Mrs.

Which wedding has made a lasting impression on you?

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{WEARING} ASOS dress (me) / Macy's suit (him)

CHECK IT OUT: Carondelet House, 627 S. Carondelet St., Los Angeles, CA 90057
Tel: (323) 466-1835.

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