DIY Boho Themed Bridal Shower #ATKbridetobe


Thinking about bridal shower ideas? Look no further because the boho theme trend is the cutest ever!...

It's like having a modern day, carefree picnic outdoor with all your close friends and family. But seriously though, how pretty does this look?! #GOALS

It was such a beautiful day for our outdoor boho picnic! The weather was perfect and so were all the details the girls put into this. Each guest was greeted with these DIY flower crowns and this teepee created great photo opps.

My sisteroos {aka Maids of Honor Katherine & Susan} organized this DIY (do-it-yourself) boho themed table setup. They got the wooden planks at Home Depot and painted them in their garage then placed them all on top of cedar blocks. How creative! Throw on some printed blankets and pillows and ta-da! You've an eye-catching setup everyone will be talking about.

Another fun party treat to have (and easy to put together) is a charcuterie board. Go to your local fave market and ask for sliced deli meats, salami, and cheese. Then lay them out on a wooden board however you choose to create your own design. I highly recommend doing this because people always LOVE this! Plus it makes for a great appetizer too.
FOOD TIP: Add some fruits (grapes or strawberries work best) for color, honey for sweetness, pickles for a hint of sour, and nuts for a crunch.

Party favors are also a fun gift to give to your guests. My bridesmaid Tanya made little gift bags saying "from our shower to yours" where she included pink bath salt inside for guests to take home and enjoy. I'm a HUGE fan of weekly baths so I loved this idea! My future SIL (sister-in-law) also surprised me with these bottles of wine and on it were all these cute bride-to-be phrases on them ~ so sweet, thanks Chi 2!

Planning and hosting a party can be hard because you are constantly moving everywhere and helping everyone. One thing that's important to me is being able to capture it too. Memories fade but photos can help us remember events. Love this shot someone took on their phone with my little sisteroos!

A photo booth is another must-have! This DIY backdrop was created using a wooden fence, a burlap sign, and sheer fabric. It's best to keep the photo booth backdrop simple because majority of the time people will be standing in front covering most of it.

As you can see, I loveeee photos that capture those special moments and this is one of them. Victoria and Fia and I instantly clicked when we first met and they have become part of my strong tribe of women that I adore.

Sometimes these special life moments are best shared with friends you've known for so much of your life. I can't believe I've known these gals for almost 15 years! WOW. We're growing old but growing old together makes it even better.

***BIG THANKS to my incredible bridal party for throwing me with the best boho themed Bridal Shower ever!! There was so much love and laughs this day and it meant so much to be able to share it with everyone. I truly feel so blessed.

Are you going to try any of these ideas? Include #heyATK so I can see. 

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{most photos by Gordon On, other photos from attended guests}



  1. Awesome ideas and beautiful pics! I am currently making a list of ideas for my upcoming bridal shower and I will definitely put this one in my top 10. Thanks!

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    1. Hi Zia, glad this was helpful and wishing you a beautiful bridal shower! Xo, Kimberly

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