Pageant of the Masters 2018


It's finally here guys!...
Yup, the Pageant of the Masters is back for another season! I was lucky enough to attend a media preview last month with Kara and we got to see what it's like to put together this grand event. This year's theme is titled "Under the Sunfeaturing images from the late 1400's to the early 20th century of what inspired artists while they were outside - you guessed it - under the sun.
So you're thinking, what exactly IS the Pageant of the Masters? Don't worry, I've wondered that before too. In fact, I didn't even hear about it until my Humanities 101 college teacher told me about it! Basically, it's a reenactment of paintings (some are really famous paintings) that are grander than life size and the people in the images are actual people dressed up for specific part. It's a lot more cooler than it sounds. Because it seriously can look UNreal but each person shown in this artwork is actually someone dressed up and posing.
It was also pretty nice to see how they created all the backdrops as well as the makeup and clothes they used. These are little details that may not be thought of often but they are important roles for the show.

The Pageant of the Masters kicks off with nightly performances at 8:30PM which just started Saturday, July 7, 2018 and goes on until Saturday, September 1, 2018. For ticket information and to place your order, click here.
And, while you're there, dine at their new Terra Laguna Beach restaurant utilizing fresh ingredients to create California-style cuisines. The outdoor setting with the hanging lights just makes it so romantic!
***Thanks to The Ace Agency and the Laguna Festival of the Arts/Pageant of the Masters team for offering this behind-the-scenes media opportunity!***

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