Why Having Less Friends is More


Been debating what to talk about for this week's blog post and a GNO inspired this conversation...
 When I was younger, it felt like the more friends you knew the better. As I grew up, I realized that it wasn't the case. There are some friends you think "would be there forever" who ended up leaving sooner than you thought. Then there are people who you would never imagine you'd be friends with and end up being close to them. It's funny how life works, huh?

Now that I'm in my 30's, my tribe has gotten smaller. A lot smaller. But it has definitely increased in value. My 20 year old self wouldn't have understood this back then but I feel, as you grow older, you put up with less BS. And through that process, you eliminate those "friends" who wouldn't have lasted in the long term. So don't be sad when this happens, be grateful. Because the ones left standing are the real friends you want alongside you in the ring.

Below I'm sharing 3 reasons why having less friends is more for you:
{1 :: Less friends, less drama} I am SO over all those unnecessary drama and prefer to distance myself away from those people. Sorry, I just don't have the time or energy for it. #thankyounext
{2 :: More intimate friendships} There's something about having gatherings with a small group of friends versus a large group. I feel like you create a better connection to bond more and have deeper conversations.
{3 :: More free time} This may sound strange but it's so true. Before it seemed like it was someone's birthday almost every week and my social calendar was nonstop with events. Now that I've limited my I have more free time for self-care. Life has been more calm and more balanced lately.

I'm curious to know, what are your thoughts on this?

Another thing to think about is that we are always evolving and changing, moving onto different chapters of our lives. Some friends continue on our journey but some may only last for just a few chapters. It's been hard for me to accept "losing" those close friendships but I'm also learning to open up more to other friends. Just took me until my 30's to realize that (haha). Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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