Spring Break 2019 :: Florida Edition


It seems like the other weekend we were just in Florida. Oh wait, we were...
Apparently you don't need to be in school to have a spring break. Cause we flew across the country for a mini getaway and it was so much fun! Initially we were just going to go for the weekend but decided to squeeze in an extra day and, boy, was it worth it. With an extra day, we got to go to Disney World and it was such an incredible experience - highly recommend it (blog post to come on that)!

Now, back to our spring break vacay. We took a direct flight from LAX to Orlando on Thursday night (and landed in Orlando aka MCO airport at midnight), went to Disney World on Friday, then drove down to New Smyrna Beach on Saturday to meet up with friends. In fact, the reason we flew out to Florida was for a wedding on Sunday and it was a bonus that it was also our 1 year wedding anniversary. So there were 2 big reasons to celebrate! We shared an Airbnb with a group of friends (it's the easiest way for everyone to hang out together) and our place was so close to the beach so of course we had to go out and touch the waters. After all, we were on the other side of the U.S.

Then come Sunday 03/24th, it was the wedding day to celebrate Hieu + Mya tying the knot. Their venue was absolutely beautiful with high ceilings, multiple courses of Asian food (yes, lobster included!), and an epic view of the lake from the floor to ceiling windows. WOW. So, so gorgeous you guys. The romantic setting made our anniversary feel even more romantic as there was so much love in the air as we danced the night away. Congrats to the beautiful couple on getting married!

On Monday we were flying back home in the evening so we got to sleep in for a bit in the morning (thank goodness haha) then headed back to Orlando to explore the city a bit. Apparently Orlando is known for cuban food so we tried out Oh! Que Bueno and Jeremiah's Italian Ice. We got the Oh! Que Bueno platter to get a bit of everything (beef, pork, sausage, cornbread, etc) but their passionfruit juice actually impressed me the most as it was so refreshing. As for Jeremiah's, their bahama breeze italian ice with vanilla soft serve aka their gelati was quite delicious and the perfect sweet way to end our trip before we headed back to the airport. Le sigh, sometimes vacays makes you just want another vacay.

Have you been to Florida before? What is your favorite thing to do/see/eat??

I'd have to say Disney World's Animal Kingdom was pretty cool because we didn't know what to expect and had a BLAST. Would totally explore Disney World's Epcot park next time as I heard they have lots of good food there! As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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