Mama & Me Photo Shoot


Last week we attended a Mama & Me event...
Have you mamas ever done this before?! It was our first time. When I saw that Spark Studios was hosting a Mama&Me photo shoot event, I knew I had to check it out with our little babyroo! 

Spark Studios is a new natural light studio designed by photographer Jennifer Garcia. It features 2 spacious rooms (main room and bedroom) with open lighting to take all kinds of photos. From boudoir style to maternity photos to family portraits and so on. But what really drew me was their simple yet boho chic studio design.

For this Mama & Me event, they decorated the main studio with a Valentine's Day theme (hence all the red, pink, and hearts). There were 2 photographers onsite: Erin Kaiulani and Sarah Block. They captured over 50 mamas and their babies during a 3-hour time span - WOW!

We came near the end so it was a lot less crowded (only 1 other mama with her baby came in shortly after us). It also made it easier and faster for us to snap our quick photos since baby Kyler was just 2 months old and we're still trying to avoid crowds for him right now (until he gets older and when it's after flu season).

We literally spent probably 10 minutes or less taking these photos. I never really liked taking long photo shoots (even when I was doing outfit photos before). Give me a couple good photos and I am fine with that. Our 2 photographers were so great at capturing these images in such a short time span. Didn't they turn out great? I'm totally going to print them to add to Kyler's photo album!

If you know a photographer, you can go ahead and reserve a room at Spark Studios to take your own family portraits and tell Jennifer I referred you! They have different looks in each room with beautiful natural lighting. You're bound to find something you love. So gather your family - or even friends - and create some lasting memories!

What are your thoughts on doing photo shoots with your little one?

I tend to see this happening more and more nowadays, especially during the holidays! It's so nice to look back at the photos and see how much everyone has grown. They truly are something to treasure and I'm going to keep doing it for as long as I can. Thanks Jennifer for having me at this Mama & Me event!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{complimentary photos by Erin Kaiulani and Sarah Block}

CHECK IT OUT: Spark Studios, 17877 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel: 714-386-9235


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