How to Create a Home Office


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Working from home now but don't know what to do? Let's help get you situated...
With this digital age, it looks like more jobs are going to allow employees to work remotely (yay!). This is SO great because I truly believe that employers need to give this flexibility. Of course, there's certain jobs where you can't work from home (i.e. banks, restaurants, hospitals, etc.) but for those who usually clock into an office, times are changing - for the better. Many employers are starting to see that a big office space may not be needed. That, reducing rent space can actually save money which in turn can go towards increased salaries, benefits, or other expenses. If you work in an office job, do you notice if most of the work can be done at home through emails and phone calls? Why you can even do conference calls on Skype and Face Time nowadays too! I used to have a job as an Executive Assistant where I was in meetings galore throughout the day and really most of it could've been cut short and figured out through emails and then finalized in a meeting - one meeting. I mean, how is anyone supposed to get work done when you're sitting in meetings ALL DAY right?? So with the change in the economy and shift towards more demand for work-from-home (WFH) jobs, many employers are going to have to learn to accommodate that too. With this added bonus, even if it's WFH a couple days a week, it'll create better work/life balance and longer lasting employees (at least in my opinion).

So if you found a job that let's you work remotely, good for you! Now the next step is how to create a home office space cause, trust me, you're going to need it. I actually work from home a couple times a week (and this includes blogging - yes, blogging is work) and have found these essentials helpful.

a desk designated for work only to keep things in one spot:

basic supplies to function:

pretty stationary to write things down:

cute decor to stay organized:

Limited on space? Don't worry. You actually don't need a whole room to create a home office. A corner area is just fine! The main thing is to keep all your work stuff in one section so everything you need is at your fingertips. Trust, when you have things supplied for your home office, it helps to keep you focused and motivated to get your to-do list done.

What is something you're excited to add to your home office? 

I think it's important that the home office also reflects your style. When you're surrounded by pieces/decor you like, you bring that feeling with you when you "go to work" at home. In a way, you almost get excited to work because you created that space your own. So put a little extra thought and love into it and you'll be surprised at how you'll feel more inspired to get work done. Hope this helps give you tips on how to create a home office. As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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