Tips for Choosing a Family SUV Car


You guys!! We did it and got a new family car!
After having a baby, you can't help but to think about getting a bigger car. Especially an SUV. There's SO many things to store with all the baby supplies that you need: a stroller, a car seat, a diaper bag, etc. They're all so bulky too! 

We've been contemplating about getting a new car for months now and actually thought we would've gotten one by end of spring. But we couldn't find anything we love. We test drove several different makes and models of cars too. I'm not so great with researching cars but thank goodness the Mister is. He would show me some SUV's and ask for my opinion.

For several months we were thinking about getting a different SUV and came close a couple times too. But then a couple weeks ago, the Mister asked me about my thoughts on the Lexus RX350. What is that?, I asked him. He showed me what it looked like and I instantly got excited and said, oh I really like that. So he did some more research.

I really wanted the Lexus RX350 with a white exterior and black leather interior and so glad that things worked out! What I really love about this 4x4 AWD (all wheel drive = can drive it in any condition) SUV is the panoramic moonroof! Isn't it so cool?! It's my absolute favorite feature of the car! Our little baby boy loves looking out the windows so this will be perfect.

Here are my 3 tips when shopping for a family car:
1 :: Test drive several different vehicles at different dealerships. That way you can compare how the vehicle feels and know if something feels "off" or different.
2 :: Get your vehicle from a dealership. For example, we got the Lexus RX350 from a Lexus dealership. They know the make of the car the best and, if you're getting warranty, you'll feel safer/better getting it directly from them.
3 :: Get a pre-approved loan (if possible, at your bank). This can save so much time during the financial signing process. Plus, you'll know what APR interest rate you'll be getting. Once we met our finance person, we were done in less than 30 minutes. 
FYI though: double check with the dealership if they are partnered with your bank or wherever you got pre-approved at.

Hope those tips are helpful! You've got to find what's going to work best for you - physically (will it hold what you need?) and financially (is it within budget?). We probably could've kept waiting for end-of-the-year deals but decided to get it now to avoid the extra holiday stress (even though they may be some good deals coming!). But I'm still glad we didn't get the inital SUV we were thinking of because the Lexus RX350 exterior looks SO much better and comes with a lot more amenities! It just shows that waiting a bit can sometimes lead to better outcomes. Thanks to Lexus Beverly Hills for helping us get our new family car!!

Are you looking for a family car yet? Or do you already have one?

As always, thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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