The First 12 Months of Life


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Isn't it so amazing how much life can change in 12 months?
Like, seriously. It feels like the days turn into weeks and months and then it goes into a blur when you're an adult. But when you have a new baby, every month feels like it's something new! Either they're opening their eyes more, smiling, giggling, or rolling over, each month feels like you're learning something new again. To remember these baby milestones, here are photos of our little Kaibear being a newborn and him growing throughout this past year. I think I'll be looking back on this and crying in the future thinking, how did time go by so fast??! Sharing his monthly photos we took of him until he officially became a 1 year old below - enjoy!

NEWBORN :: just born and may be one of his first photos taken of him (we still have that hospital baby blanket)

ONE MONTH :: still so little here and oh-so-precious with good eye contact

TWO MONTHS :: slowly growing and getting bigger

THREE MONTHS :: chubbier and growing into his facial features now

FOUR MONTHS :: smiling now, recognizing us, and sitting up on his own

FIVE MONTHS :: learning how to roll over on his own and giving high-fives

SIX MONTHS :: more active and can grab his toes/foot now and started eating (and loving) solids

SEVEN MONTHS :: can roll over on his own to crawl making it harder to take pics of him and got his 1st tooth popping out

EIGHT MONTHS :: got his 2nd tooth growing out and even more active

NINE MONTHS :: likes to cruise/walk along the couch and make sounds

TEN MONTHS :: so curious and grabbing whatever he can reach

ELEVEN MONTHS :: started walking on his own now and loving it

TWELVE MONTHS aka ONE YEAR OLD!!! :: loves being independent and trying to walk on his own and grabbing anything in sight

Does anyone else take monthly photos of their babies?

Yes, I am THAT MOM that had to do this. It's a way to keep track of their growth and see their progress/changes as each month goes by. I'm a big picture person so there was no doubt that I was going to capture these. You'll thank me in the future Kaibear. ;) See below to get a set to track your baby's first year too! It really does by fast and you'll love looking back on these pictures later on. TRUST. As always, thanks for reading and sending you (safe) air hugs!


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