Why I got the COVID-19 Vaccine


After contemplating for over a month, I finally decided to do it: I got the COVID-19 vaccine.
There has been SO many things going through my mind lately including this! Do I get the vaccine or not? I questioned myself many times and was pretty firm on not getting it initially when my work place offered it early last month. Yes, my work place got the vaccine right away when it got approved. HOW? Well, one of my day jobs is working at a hospital as - yup, a frontline worker

At first I didn't want to get the vaccine because I wanted to hear more data. It still felt so new and almost rushed to get a vaccine approved. I wanted to hear from personal testimonials on their experiences after getting their 1st vaccine shot. I asked friends, fellow healthcare staff, doctors, etc. Getting first hand feedback from so many different people slowly start to make me feel more open to taking it.

It wasn't until the unit that I worked on turned into a COVID-19 positive unit where it really hit me hard. Since there were more patients coming positive instead of negative, my unit turned into a COVID positive floor and that scared me. Every day, there was slight anxiety being there. Luckily, for my role, I was able to do telehealth from my office (still on the same floor as the unit). However, any time we needed to get something in the nursing station, we had to gown up since it was located with the COVID positive unit. Until you experience this yourself, you have no idea how uneasy/worried/scared/uncomfortable it feels.

To "gown up" meant wearing the following:
-n95 face mask
-surgical face mask (optional but we wanted to be extra cautious)
-plastic face shield
-plastic gown
-shoe covers (optional)

It's actually quite a LOT to wear every time you need to get something on the nursing station. The nursing staff were pretty much wearing all that gear for their whole 12 hours shift so I commend them for all their hard work.

Since our unit became a designated COVID positive unit, it made me now more curious about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. But another thing was on my mind: I'm still breastfeeding and was concerned with how it may/may not affect my baby. So last Monday I checked with our pediatrician on her thoughts and gave some helpful (personal) advice: since there isn't much data and research on the vaccine and breastfeeding (since it's still so new), I can "pump and dump" the first 48 hours in case I feel any symptoms and then breastfeed regularly afterwards since my body will start to create antibodies then. 

Hearing that reassured me and afterwards, I signed up to get the COVID-19 vaccination on Friday. I got the 1st Pfizer vaccine shot yesterday and got a sore arm. It felt more sore today, almost like a bruise on my side arm of the shot. What's inside the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination? It is not the actual COVID-19 virus. Instead, it is the outer coating of the virus that gets injected so your body can recognize it to attack it before the virus attacks your cells.

The COVID-19 vaccine shot was quick and painless. After the shot, you wait 15-20 minutes to be monitored for any side effects. You also get a vaccination card with info regarding your COVID-19 vaccines. Pfizer also has a site so you can sign up with the CDC to input your phone number and update them of any side effects you may be experiencing. I guess it's their way of "tracking" people's experiences with the vaccines (which is a great idea). It takes a couple days after the first shot for your body to build antibodies against the COVID-19 virus. Then you come back about 21 days later for a 2nd COVID-19 vaccination. For Pfizer, it is the same dosage. The 2nd shot is to help your body recognize the outer coating and helps to build stronger antibodies against it. After roughly 2 weeks (give or take), according to Pfizer, then you're supposedly now 95% safe which means your body has learned to develop antibodies against the virus to be able to attack it.

I'm still learning about the virus (apparently it's also mutating?) and the vaccines out there so do your own research. Do I regret getting the COVID-19 vaccine? No. I'm doing it to protect myself to be able to take care of my family especially since my hospital has turned multiple floors into COVID positive floors and there has been so many COVID deaths too, along with some staff testing positive for COVID-19. This is REAL and it's right here in our OC community. So please be safe, social distance, wear a mask, and limit gatherings. This small sacrifice can make a big impact on how 2021 will be.

*Always consult with your doctor for any medical questions you have. This is not medical advice, just sharing my personal experience and opinions.*

Have you taken the vaccine shot yet? Or are you considering it?

I think it's a personal choice that everyone should make on their own, when they feel comfortable. It took me awhile to do it. And now I am going to trust science to take care of us during this unprecedented times. Hopefully, and together, we can move forward from this pandemic and live a somewhat "normal life" again.

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual hugs!

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