Amazon Fresh Market Shopping Tips


Finally got to the check out the AMAZON FRESH MARKET in Tustin!
Yes, you heard that right: Amazon has its own market right here in OC where you can pretty much find all your basic necessities and the pricing is fairly competitive. When you think of Amazon, basic home goods come to mind (and late night shopping) but the Amazon Fresh Market is what it sounds like: an actual market filled with fresh produce and fruits. Yes, it really is set up like an actual market!

Here's KaiKai saying, welcome to the Amazon Fresh Market! The cool thing about Amazon's market though, is that they have carts that'll "automatically checkout" for you. HOW?
• grab one of their special carts that has this feature (they already put bags inside for you)
• link the cart with your Amazon Prime account
• place items into the bags inside your cart (it'll scan the item as you put things into the cart - pretty cool!)
• go to the special checkout area then grab your bags and go

There are some pros and cons to this so I'm sharing some tips to think about before you go shopping at the Amazon Fresh Market:
PROS :: It's fun hearing things get automatically "scanned" when you place it into their special cart. You can watch it on the screen to make sure the correct items and quantity are being scanned/charged. The carts come with 2 paper bags already inside so you can literally place your items in and bag it at the same time to save time. You don't have to worry about taking out any payments since the cart will already be connected to your Amazon Prime account and will charge the card you already have linked to your account. There's a designated area for check-out which was pretty quick.
CONS :: To do the "auto check-out," you have to use their special shopping cart that has this function. These special carts can only hold a limited number of items. For any bulkier items, you'll have to get a regular cart and check out at the regular cashier lines (which kind of defeats the purpose of using the special cart). We had some slight troubles with the special cart scanning certain items sometimes as it would scan too many of one item so this got a little confusing (staff helped to clear/correct this). Their special carts also don't have a baby seat so we ended up getting each cart.

Overall, this is such a great concept and I hope they open more Amazon Fresh Market in Orange County so there can be one down the street from me (haha)!

Have you been yet?? What did you get? Or are you planning to go soon?

We got eggs, milk, chips, bagels, pizza, snacks, etc. It was a fun family experience and, if we're in the area, we'd come back again. I also heard they opened up another Amazon Fresh Market in Fullerton so now there's 2 places to go to shop at. Still a little farther out from me but I'm hoping one opens up in the HB in the future. Crossing fingers!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you air hugs!

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