ERIN CONDREN :: NEW LifePlanner Launch and it's totally springy


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New month, new goals! Where are all my planner people at??!
If you know me, you know that I tend to write down everythinggg. Ever since I got my first school planner in junior high, I got hooked on writing all my important notes, to-do lists, and appointments down. It's been such a great habit to help keep me organized, year after year.

So when I heard Erin Condren was launching their biggest LifePlanner collection yet, I knew I had to check it out! They sent me this FLORA set which is filled with pastel colors and has such an elegant touch, I am just loving all the little floral details! They even have a lily for my birthday month May which is my fave flower too (what a coincidence!).

If you've been forgetting things or just have too much on your mind (we all do, right?), I highly recommend getting a planner to write things down. It seriously has been a life changer for me and makes me most productive by having one!

Have you used a planner lately?

Check out for more planner styles and accessories. They also have a HUGE selection of colored pens! I like to use different colors for the different "hats" that I wear to help things stand out. Either way, have fun with your planner and personalized style!

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual hugs!

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  1. I must say, your dedication to writing everything down is truly impressive. It's fantastic to see how this habit has helped you stay organized throughout the years. With your meticulous note-taking, I can imagine that attending career development workshops would greatly enhance your already well-established organizational skills. Participating in such workshops can provide valuable insights and strategies for personal and professional growth, ensuring you continue to excel in your chosen career path.


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