Tips for Dining Out with a Toddler


Eating out with a toddler? Sharing our tips to make it easier so us parents can enjoy the meal too.
First, it is a total game changer once they can eat solids. It makes going out to eat SO much easier. There's less things you need to carry/pack.

Here's what we keep in mind when ordering for Kaibear:
•pick dishes everyone can share (rice, fish, protein, steamed veggies, etc.)
•use disposable place mats to cover table area
•ask for a disposable plate/bowl and utensils for toddler to use
•ask for water in a to-go cup with straw

Letting him feed himself let's us enjoy our meals so we can all eat together. Sometimes he sits in a booster seat, sometimes in his stroller. Sometimes we can eat for awhile, sometimes real fast. We tend to go with the flow and that's what works for us.

Do you go out to eat with kids? Are they active like our little guy? 

Cause once he's done, he's ready to goooo and start walking around (haha).

As always, thanks for reading and sending you virtual hugs!


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